Monday, April 21, 2008

Japan Fan #1: "Deconstructing Sakura"

"Deconstructing Sakura"

Sakura, or cherry blossoms -- a major image of Japan. Tom asks his Japanese friends and his fellow foreigners, newbies & experienced hands alike, what Sakura's all about. Does it represent the ephemeral nature of life? Does it symbolize rebirth? New opportunities? Or is the viewing of cherry blossoms just an excuse to get drunk?

Muse upon these questions as you listen to the very first JAPAN FAN program. Don't expect any deep insights, just some entertaining fumbling about.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Japan Fan

We all have a love/hate relationship with something. Maybe it's with your local sports team, or with a family member. Mine's with Japan. This year, I celebrate my 15th anniversary of living in Japan, and, in the spirit of celebration, I've created a podcast. Please take a listen.

Click on the "Japan Fan" title above to hear the Japan Fan "podcast #000." It's kinda sorta my mission statement -- my plan for what you'll hear from this ex-patriate & his friends in the coming months.

The next podcast (#1) is titled "Deconstructing Sakura." In it, several friends of mine weigh in on cherry blossoms, the viewing of which is an annual ritual of fetival-like proportions.

After that one, the next podcast (#2) will be "Taro, Let's Eat." This program focuses on Japanese food, the supreme cuisine of my life. Hiroco, a friend of mine from the broadcasting world, will share with us her opinions & interests of yummy Japanese stuff.

Speaking of Broadcasting, the podcast after that (#3) will explore the low-end of the Japanese entertainment world: Radio. I have several friends working in the industry who will surprise you with the insights they share.

After that, there will be programs dealing with government, news, TV, music, politics, leisure activities, business, and, my oh my, so much more.

So, click on the "Subscribe Now" link on the right -- you won't want to miss the next few programs!

And, as always, I'd appreciate your feedback. Please drop me an e-mail anytime.

Tom Kenny